ELSIE JOHNSTONE is a member of a large extended family that hails from a small fishing village on the southeast coast of Australia. As the second child in a family of ten, she learnt to adapt and make a living in any way that she could. Over her lifetime she has been a kitchen hand, shop assistant, waitress, photographer and Avon saleslady, worked in a betting shop, cleaned offices in London and was a primary school teacher, special education specialist and a wordsmith’s assistant. Now her family has grown up and are living independent lives and she writes. She loves it. ‘Lover, Husband, Father, Monster’ is her second book.
Elsie Johnstone also wrote:
Our Little Town, by Elsie Johnstone, BookPal, 2010

GRAEME JOHNSTONE had a long and successful career in professional journalism as an editor, sub-editor, reporter and feature writer on a variety of newspapers and magazines. He worked for Australia’s biggest selling newspaper, The Sun, writing its popular daily column, A Place In the Sun, catching the vibe of Melbourne and entertaining more than a million readers every morning. Later he and his wife Elsie established The Wordsmith’s Shop, writing material for commercial, corporate and personal clients. This resulted in publication of his first novel, 'The Playmakers', based on the premise that William Shakespeare did not write the plays ascribed to him, and a move into creative writing.
Graeme Johnstone also wrote:
The Playmakers, by Graeme Johnstone, BeWrite Books UK, 2005